Honestly Not Okay

On a stormy night,
I seek comfort
and peace in silence.
I know I’m not okay.

On a regular day,
I look for myself
and find the worst of me.
I know it’s not okay.

On an average
day of winter,
I feel I haven’t aged well.
Who’s to say that’s okay?

On a different day,
I forget these things
and limit myself to exist.
I know it’s not okay.


Who are you
after all these years?
Have you found your place
in the life of your dreams?

No, you couldn’t be the same
even if you wanted to.
Time shows no mercy
when you look back.

It’s too late for regrets.
Don’t stare at the past for long.
You might be trapped forever.
Accept it’s gone.

No matter how wonderful you were,
the day of tomorrow awaits,
and it’s inevitable.
It’s a new decade.

For One Day

When I visited your life
for one day
I admired you.
Your world is beautiful.

Do you think so too?

Though I’ve never seen you before,
I became aware of you
and your daily life
just for one day.

Are you the person you’ve always wanted to be?

I regret not looking in your eye
to ask if you’re okay.
If you’re satisfied.
If there’s anything you’d change.

I trust the sincerity
of your smile.
I trust the authenticity
of your frown.

The Day is Today

The day is today.
No more delays,
no more countdown.
Your yesterday is gone.

Know you did it
with your bare hands.
On sleepless nights
when no one was watching.

Or saying a prayer.

The day is today.
You sail away
to distance yourself
from all you’ve ever known.

Questions will remain the same.
You won’t believe it.
You’ll find yourself
when you get lost.

Have you realized
you’re most alive
in times of struggle?
It’s your merit.

Today is the day
you are at your best.
You can go anywhere
and be yourself.


In the gardens of my mind,
I can turn back time
to see my innocent self
at its purest state of consciousness.

Yes, I was fearless.
I can barely recognize myself
on those days when my bubble protected me.
I had everything I needed.

I’m trapped in the past.
I try to get myself back on my feet
and wake up in the present,
but I stay. I like it better there.

Nostalgia makes me warm.
I could contemplate these memories forever,
and live that life once more
until my reality is gone.

Miss You / Not

It’s such a relief
to start off the day
without your interruption,
an endless conversation.

I don’t have to say
“good morning” or
“see you tomorrow.”
All is nice and peaceful.

I see your empty chair
and your uncluttered desk,
and I start missing you.
I have no one to talk to.

You’re away and happy.
You probably don’t remember
my name or our last laugh,
but I do miss you.

Yes, it’s not the same without you.